Summers in Gallipoli continue to come and go. Spend the morning by the sea, have a shop in the afternoon and dine among the historic bastions in the evening. Gallipoli is a magnetic city, full of wonders both day and night. 

It can take a while to find a parking spot without prior knowledge, but with a few little tricks it will be super fast. Let’s look together at how you can park comfortably at Gallipoli. 

As you will know, Gallipoli is the closest marina to us at Tenuta la Baronessa – at a distance of just 7km.

Gallipoli has 2 main zones – the historical centre and the residential area. To help you get the most out of your day, I’ve added a third zone: the lidos.


centro storico gallipoli
Centro Storico Gallipoli

The historical centre is on a beautiful overhanging peninsula, gorgeous by day and by night, but let’s look at some logistics…

The historical centre is a traffic limited zone, so without having an exceptional permit the closest parking spaces are by the port. 

Use directions from Google Maps to get to the restaurant MareChiaro – in this way you will arrive at the port  in the blink of an eye. 

For more information on traffic limitations in Gallipoli: click here

If you need a parking pass, for example if you are disabled, contact the municipal of Gallipoli here


Corso Roma Gallipoli Shopping

The residential zone leads to corso Roma, the main road of the charming town.

Here, you can lose yourself in the variety of little shops and boutiques. 

Parking here is very simple. Remember that the blue stripes mean you must pay for parking – so always look out for the ticket machine. Alternatively, the smaller streets have free parking. With a little patience you will be fine! 


gallipoli dove parcheggiare lidi
Mappa uscite statale per raggiungere i lidi da GAllipoli

The coast is parallel to the sea, but the residential zone is called Baia Verde.

To better explain how Baia Verde is structured, I will give you a list of all the private lidos that are found from the stadium to the big hotels. 



Here is a complete list of the swimming areas. BUT – before each comment, please know that I am listing the areas from North to South. 

When you go to check in, we will be happy to advise you on options that best meet your expectations.

Use the following map to help you: [,18.0013826,15z]


Piccolo Lido

Lido San Giovanni

spiaggia club

Blue Bay Beach

Lido Pôr do Sol

Baia Verde (Kudetà)

Bikini beach

La Playa







ETE’ by RioBo delicious beach

Costa Brada

Hotel le Sirenè

If you decide to stay in one of the first 7 lidos, simply follow the directions to the stadium to get there. 

If you choose a lido from the 8th listed and onwards, keep reading!

In this area there are two big car parks. 

After a five minute drive from our hotel, enter the SS101 at the hospital,  in the direction of Ugento. 

1st carpark PRAJA = take the 1st exit from SS101: BAIA VERDE, LIDI di Gallipoli. After 500m you must follow directions for discoteca PRAJA (a disco in the middle of the coast).

2nd car park, entrance SUD = take the 2nd exit from the SS101: MANCAVERSA, zona LI FOGGI – you will find the car park on the right 1km following the exit.

Have we answered some of your questions?


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