how to arrive in tuglie from airport

You found cheap flights for your dream holiday in Salento but once arrived in Brindisi airport you don’t know where to go? Keep reading and I will tell you how to reach Tuglie!

In this blog post, I will give you some good tips on how to move in Puglia; I really would like to tell you that the airport provides many types of transportation, but it is not always true. Nonetheless, I hope to give you some useful advices that will help you with your next trip in Salento.

How to get to Tuglie from the main apulian airports


Sef you travel by plane, you will surely land in the Brindisi-Papola Casale (BDS) or in the Karol Wojtyła (BRI) airport. The shuttle bus are the cheapest alternative to get to the station: comfortable, low-cost and they even offer free wifi on board. For the Airport in Bari, there is the Tempesta transportation service and it costs 4 euros:
click HERE For the Airport in Brindisi to the station, there is the STP public transportation and it costs 1 euro: (Click HERE)

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From the Brindisi and Bari station, the company Trenitalia will get you to the main stations in Salento. Here the website where you can search the cheapest and fastest route.

The company FSE runs from Lecce to Tuglie. Here the link to search the timetable of busses and trains . For the railroad line from Lecce to Tuglie there is usually a train change in Nardò.

Tenuta La Baronessa is at about 1.5 kilometers from the station in Tuglie. Unless you arrive with your own vehicle (maybe you are an adventurer or a biker, who knows?), I strongly suggest you not to walk because there isn’t a safe pavement. Tenuta La Baronessa is located on a provincial road, so it is not advisable to walk.
However, if you decide to come by taking public transportation, our booking office will surely suggest you a NNC, car hire with driver service, for comfortably arriving in our hotel.

Alternative B: OWN Vehicle


It’s a long way, I understand. Honestly, I would never head out on such a long journey, there are often delays and transportations are not always working well.

But the car renting could be a great alternative! Renting a car means autonomy, flexibility and freedom. There are several international companies in airports (in Brindisi, here a list and also locally where sometimes there is no need for the credit card.  If you want to save money, you could choose a service that compares rental cars, including You can view the offers of major companies in a few simple steps.

Don’t think you need a big car: if you stay here in Tenuta La Baronessa, in very few time (only 3 minutes!) you reach the SS 101/ SS 274, the highway that goes from Lecce to Santa Maria di Leuca… not bad!

And you? How do you want to arrive in Puglia? Do you think to take a train or to drive?

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