Compared to the historical villa Casa Colonia, the hotel has always had a more modern style. In ten years, it has changed a lot – let’s go through the main ones in this post.

As I mentioned earlier (here), the Hotel is a brand new building; it has inside two types of rooms: Classicand Superior.

What is unknown to the most is that today’s image of this Hotel has not always been the same. At the beginning, it looked like this:

hotel frontale       hotel frontale colorato

Yellow like the sun, red like the colours back in the days.

Also the interiors have changed drastically…


We believe it is important to talk about this as every single element of these rooms is handmade by local artisans. Small curiosity:


Have you ever had an object made out of a prickly pear plant in your house?

Above the bed is hanging a red frame, made out of a prickly pear plant, very common in the area – although it was imported by Cristopher Columbus from the American lands. The company that produces these innovative works is called Sikalindi and uses natural practices that respect the original shapes of the plant, therefore every piece is unique.

What is Your Opinion about that? Have you seen how time fly?

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Author: Lara Samaha
Translator: Anna Abatelillo

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