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cosa mangiare in puglia al ristorante

What to eat in Puglia: the traditional Salentine dishes that you can’t not try

Are you looking forward to trying the typical Salentine cuisine but don’t know at all what are the traditional dishes of the place you’re going to visit in your upcoming vacations? Good, this article is for you. Here’s a small … Read More

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oil mill must to visit

The 5 most beautiful oil mill in Puglia

It’s not easy to find a title that can draw your attention, because I don’t think to be good at listing our oil mill. Today I choose just five of them (later, we will talk about every of them), so … Read More

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What to do in Gallipoli with your partner.

Gallipoli is an incredible city at all times of the day and night. To clearly tell you about it, today I want to begin at the moment the sun starts to set, at the moment in which the sun sets … Read More

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Where can I park at Gallipoli?

Summers in Gallipoli continue to come and go. Spend the morning by the sea, have a shop in the afternoon and dine among the historic bastions in the evening. Gallipoli is a magnetic city, full of wonders both day and … Read More

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how to arrive in tuglie from airport

How to get to Tuglie from the main apulian airports

You found cheap flights for your dream holiday in Salento but once arrived in Brindisi airport you don’t know where to go? Keep reading and I will tell you how to reach Tuglie! In this blog post, I will give … Read More

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da dove siamo partiti la nostra storia prima dei lavori

From Where We Started

It is always hard to start writing a story. Today I would like to start from the very beginning – it was back in 2004, when the property “Casino Novello” was bought. It was a piece of land dedicated to wine production. … Read More

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Hotel Beginning

Compared to the historical villa Casa Colonia, the hotel has always had a more modern style. In ten years, it has changed a lot – let’s go through the main ones in this post. As I mentioned earlier (here), the Hotel … Read More

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Family Hotel nearby Gallipoli

If you are going to visit Salento with your children, bear in mind that we are just some of the few family hotels and a stone’s throw from Gallipoli! Our resort offers many accommodation choices for those who travel with the youngest. … Read More

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7 must to see in one week

7 must to see in one week in Salento: don’t miss it! The Salento territory has a lot of attractions with the wild beaches, the night life and the cultural events. Despite this, it may happen that tourists are not able to … Read More

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Where to go to the sea in Salento? Mancaversa!

Nei mesi estivi, la penisola salentina ospita migliaia di turisti, attirati dall’esoticità del paesaggio e dalla vita notturna. Per evitare la confusione e gli affitti stellari di zone quali Gallipoli e Otranto, molti decidono di soggiornare in paesi limitrofi e … Read More

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